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How do I get to St. Helena?

The St. Helena Air Service will operate from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) to St Helena Airport (HLE) every Saturday on Airlink Airlines. You can purchase airline tickets HERE If you are having difficulty securing tickets, please let us know @ hello@gosthelena.com and we can assist.

Do I need a visa?

Visitors must ensure that they have the necessary visa or permits to cover all destinations they intend to travel to, including return trips through the UK, Ascension Island and/or South Africa. St Helena has no foreign embassy or representation on the island so adequate visas must be obtained in advance. You can see full details HERE

What is the currency and banking options?

The St Helena Pound is used on the island which is fixed at parity with the British Pound Sterling, which is accepted on the island. There are currently no ATM cash machines on St Helena. A limited number of shops and businesses accept visa/ mastercard for payment (a commission is usually charged). Cash is the best form of making payments locally. Customers can also obtain cash advances on major debit and credit cards for a commission fee. Sterling travelers cheques can be cashed without a fee. For full information on banking please visit the Bank of St. Helena page HERE

What is the time-zone on St. Helena?

St. Helena is on GMT throuout the year. The UK adopts British summer time and this means that the UK is one hour ahead of St. Helena from the end of March to the end of October. Otherwise, the UK and St. Helena are in the same time zone.

What is the climate?

St. Helena boasts a sub-tropical climate that is kept calm and equable by the South East Trade Winds. The hottest months are between January and March and the coldest months between June and September. For much of the year the temperature remains between 20-27 °C. The Rainy Season is usually from late March to early May and then again from July to September, making St. Helena Island a year round destination.

How do I travel around the Island?

St Helena has a public bus system and taxis or tour guides are also available, however if you can brave the roads, hiring a car and touring at your own pace is a great option. We recomend booking before you arrive as car hires are limited.

What is the environment like on the island?

With a sub-tropical climate, St Helena’s environment is one of fascinating flora and fauna, and many species endemic to the Island. Its natural landscape of lush green peaks and breathtaking rock formations to grassy plains and sub-tropical valleys. Changing dramatically from one area to another, it is a photographer’s haven. The St Helena Government is committed to conserving this environment and in 2012 created an Environmental Management Directorate (EMD). The EMD focuses on policy and legislation, communication and stakeholder engagement, evidence-based advice, assessment, monitoring, evaluation and enforcement. Its focus will be to mainstream environment and climate change within St Helena Government and to excel in world class environmental protection.

Is the Island Safe?

St. Helena is considered to be very safe. Anything more than petty theft (rare), the occational public drunkenness and traffic violations is rare, and the only nuisance that you’re likely to encounter is a noisy stereo or the boom of music from the bars in Jamestown on a Friday and Saturday night. Only in very rare cases has a violent crime been committed, and even then, the parties concerned have generally had a dispute with each other. On an island where doors are left open, and cars unlocked, it’s easy to get lazy about personal possessions, but it still makes sense to take normal precautions. It is generally considered safe to wander around after dark, but if you’re walking along country roads at night, watch out for passing cars as the roads are narrow and for the most part unlit. Recreational drugs of any description are illegal, hard drugs are not existant. Women travellers can expect to be treated with respect, and are at no greater risk on St Helena than anyone else. There are no dangerous or wild animals to be concerned about. Basically - it's perfect, so let go of any fears and enjoy every minute.

Do I need medical insurance to enter St. Helena?

Appropriate medical and travel insurance is mandatory for all visitors to St Helena and should be taken out prior to their departure for St Helena. All visitors will be asked to show proof of medical insurance by an immigration officer if the duration of their stay is longer than 48 hours. Full details can be found HERE.

Can I drink the water?

The island’s water is treated and can be drunk from the tap. Bottled water is widely available in all shops, bars and restaurants across the island if needed.

Are there required vaccinations?

There is no requirement for vaccinations. There has been no reported illnesses, such as yellow fever or cholera, on the island. Visitors coming from a yellow fever endemic area must have proof of vaccination.

Can I hire taxis?

Taxis are available 24-hours a day, by calling those companies direcly. During the working hours you can easily get a taxi in town. We will provide you with a list prior to arrival. Taxis on St. Helena do not have meters and the rates should be checked before the journey commences. The taxis range from new vehicles dedicated to being a taxi to somones personal car. All rates are about the same and very fair.

What is the electricity used on the Island?

The current on St Helena is 240 volts, 50 Hz, the same as the UK and South Africa. Each accomodation will vary, but The Mantis Hotel has UK 3-pin square plugs, but each room also has an international plug array, including South African round 3-pin plug and USB charger.

Can I access the Internet while visiting?

St Helena’s isolation and reliance on satellite technology, means that internet services are limited and very expensive compared to many countries. Wi-Fi Hotspots can be found around Jamestown the the following locations: Anne’s place, The Consulate Hotel, The Sandwich Bar, The Inkwell Coffee Shop, Blue Lantern, Rosies & the Airport.








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